LABOUR promises to be your voice

Let's get our facts straight: with 70% of the police budget coming from central government, Police cuts in our borough are the direct result of Tory austerity and Romford's MP has voted for this in parliament.

* We want to support Brooklands Ward Safer Neighbourhood team of police officers to tackle crime. The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has funded an additional 1,000 Met police officers this year above funding by the government. And in his latest budget, he also announced an additional £234 million for policing and tackling crime by supporting crime-fighting measures. This includes new officers, specialist investigators to disrupt gang violence, the Mayor's new Violence Reduction Unit and more youth workers at hospital Accident and Emergency units. Prime Minister May claims that police austerity cuts since 2010 have no correlation to the increase in knife crime we are witnessing in this and every other local community nationwide. This is in direct conflict with what police chiefs are saying.

*Labour MP Jon Cruddas' CALLING TIME ON CRIME campaign is a petition demanding more police funding across our borough. There are already thousands of signatures. We hope to call on you to sign our petition, which will go to 10 Downing Street soon.

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